Simply Indispensable: Proactive Ways to Get Ahead in B2B E-Commerce

Simply Indispensable: Proactive Ways to Get Ahead in B2B E-Commerce

Let’s get back on offense for a change. Put aside that chaos and disruption talk. Here are some simple steps to help you build systems that grow relationships and revenue in the “new normal.” Become indispensable with intelligent e-commerce and marketing that gives customers what they want before they ask.

If everything is suddenly harder out there, stand out by making work easier for current customers

All the satisfaction of a batch order complete from the driver’s seat before your #3 with a shake is ready.

The growing customer preference for self-service has now accelerated to warp speed with the effects of mass decentralization. Even better: self-service across all devices! Desktop is good, but seamless integration into mobile and call center is next-level. Your customers will love that feeling of easily adding team users, tracking orders, and updating deliveries with their thumbs.

Because they’ll have a harder time ordering flowers than outfitting each of their domestic branches.

Issue each customer a specific catalog and site. It transforms the usual friction of unnecessary clicks, irrelevant search fields, and credit questions into personal loyalty and delight. Customize available products, relevant cross-sells, levels of ordering permissions, preferred pricing, and order terms for each of your customers. Then listen for their sighs of gratitude.

The relief of diverting maintenance teams when a heads-up text alerts you the necessary parts won’t arrive until tomorrow. Phew.

Intelligent automation can give customers proactive power at their fingertips. Avoid disruptions with access to shipping status, notice of terms due, or inventory crunches.

Turn flailing spotlights into attractive beacons for new customers

Because you know there’s something better than getting more sales guys to leave more voicemails.

Cold outreach is a bad numbers game. Instead, give you digital marketing and sales teams a shot of intent data. Much of the buying journey is about right timing. Intent data matches real-time search activity with a prospect database and scores those leads which are primed for engagement. That means less activity and more scores. Coupled with always-on help such as live chat and a robust FAQ for an early stage prospect, sales can be redeployed as informed helpers rather than cold callers.

“You know, I could really use a webinar today” … said no customer, ever.

Analyzing search and site behavior equals “you read my mind.” It’s noisy out there. Luckily, you can continually improve the effectiveness of content and marketing automation. Capitalize on more specific subjects to offer insights that prospects won’t just say they want to know about – but that they actually click for. Pro tip: They likely prefer help making a decision to hearing a pitch. But you won’t have to guess as you routinely test content types and measure buyer behavior.

It’s simple, but we know it’s not easy.

The world has changed, but the fundamentals of making it about the customer have not. The right tools and technology can help you grow relationships and revenue. And do it efficiently.