Turn legacy e-commerce into
a fountain of youth
BioTE Medical is one of the nation’s leaders in hormone optimization and training providers on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) using pellet therapy. The Company partners with medical providers to take a complete approach to healthier aging through patient-specific bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and superior nutraceuticals.

The Challenge

BioTE had outgrown the internally developed systems which historically supported its aggressive growth but ultimately became a barrier to growth. The Company sought a best-of-breed, next-generation architecture which required a scalable and extensible e-commerce solution for which Magento Commerce was the perfect fit.

The Result

A highly scalable hub-and-spoke architecture has enabled BioTE to containerize and seamlessly integrate critical systems such as e-commerce, ERP, Supply Chain, 3PL logistics and shipping as well as their clinic management and reporting systems.
BioTE is now able to ramp up marketing efforts to clinic customers as well as build and deploy an employee store, clinic store and direct-to-patient store with recurring product subscriptions, customer & pricing segmentation and targeted product promotions. They can quickly launch and market new products such as Nutraceuticals, Prolons and Peptides to their clinic customers. And with integrated business intelligence and analytics, BioTE can bolster growth with real-time optics into trended visitor traffic, conversions, and revenue for all storefronts.